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Quality steak knives for those who are serious about steak

Razor-sharp commercial steak knives forged with premium stainless steel


Backed By 40
years of quality

Fast Nationwide

Quality dinnerware makes a difference

When you order steak knives from Corby Hall, you’re getting steak knives for life. Our steak knife collection is handcrafted by our partners from premium 18/10 stainless steel with a forged handle design for excellent durability.


With a sharply serrated edge, the sleek blade of a Corby Hall steak knife offers supreme precision – slicing rather than ripping even the thickest of steak cuts to deliver an eating experience like no other.

Your trusted provider of quality chef knives

From the undeniable quality of our premium steak knives to the consistency of our customer service, it’s easy to see why more than 5K commercial businesses, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and more choose Corby Hall for their professional chef knife kits.


With fast nationwide delivery and a wide range of dinnerware, flatware, and holloware to choose from, if you’re searching for a reliable commercial dinnerware partner to meet your needs now and 50 years from now, you’re looking at them.

America’s go-to supplier of premium chef knives for less

Quality steak knives for the ultimate dining experience

Delight your guests with the ultimate steak experience by matching your mastery of meat with the quality of your professional steel steak knives.

Our premium forged steel steak knives come in a range of large serving sizes, from 9 inches to 10.5 inches, making them the perfect addition to any chef knife kit.

With a balanced weight, incredibly sharp blade, and comfortable handle, our professional commercial steak knives provide a seamless steak cutting and serving experience for both chef and guest alike.

Trusted by 5K+ commercial clients worldwide

From hotels and casinos to fine dining restaurants and other commercial organisations, we’ve been keeping renowned food establishments stocked and sparkling for over 40 years!

Testimonial / review

There are plenty of occasions in life that call for a special and heart-touching gift. Flatware are a personalized gift that will be remembered and most importantly, be appreciated for many years to come. From enhancing the overall aesthetics of a restaurant to making family meals seem like a luxurious affair, your flatware plays a very important role. Whether you are looking for special gift for someone, updating your age’s old flatware set or giving your restaurant business a much needed upgrade, Corby Hall could be a stellar choice.

– Sayeeda R.

Discover our expertly-crafted steak knives

With beautifully carved handles made for comfort and impressively forged steel blades made for durability, if you’re looking for a steak knife investment that’ll stand the test of time, look no further than Corby Hall steak knives.

Serve your steak with the best quality steak knives

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