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Exceed Expectations With Wholesale Stainless Steel Platters and Serving Trays

Premium stainless steel serving trays for superior service

18/10 premium
stainless steel


Over 40 Years
of experience

Stainless steel serving platters
for a higher level of service

Step up your food service game with our range of versatile and stylish stainless steel trays. Combining sophistication and superior quality, our stainless steel platter serving trays are easy to maintain with enhanced durability and a sleek, modern design.


Available in mirror finish or silverplate, our entire range of commercial dinnerware products go beyond what standard silver catering trays and utensils can offer.

Explore our range of stainless steel serving trays and platters

From a deep-sided fish serving tray to a platter with handles, our collection offers versatility and functionality for any occasion. Explore our selection today and elevate your food presentation with the best serveware for your needs.

A premium, easy-to-maintain addition to your hotel, restaurant, or commercial catering service

No upscale serving experience is ever complete without a little help from the right tools and equipment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our serving platters effortlessly balance functionality and elegance, making them an essential addition to any memorable dining event.


Resistant to stains, corrosion, and odours, our serving platters maintain their pristine appearance with minimal effort.

Suppliers of wholesale flatware, serveware, and commercial tableware that’s made to last

Whether you’re looking for silver dessert trays for commercial catering or wholesale utensils, our full range of commercial dinnerware and buffet serving pieces are built to withstand the demands of the industry.


For hotels, events companies, and catering businesses at all levels, our range of stainless steel dinnerware is the perfect choice for making a great impression.

Trusted by 5K+ commercial clients worldwide

From hotels and casinos to fine dining restaurants and other commercial organisations, we’ve been keeping renowned food establishments stocked and sparkling for over 40 years!

Testimonial / review

There are plenty of occasions in life that call for a special and heart-touching gift. Flatware are a personalized gift that will be remembered and most importantly, be appreciated for many years to come. From enhancing the overall aesthetics of a restaurant to making family meals seem like a luxurious affair, your flatware plays a very important role. Whether you are looking for special gift for someone, updating your age’s old flatware set or giving your restaurant business a much needed upgrade, Corby Hall could be a stellar choice.

– Sayeeda R.

Nationwide delivery and seamless customer support from tableware suppliers with over 40 years of experience

Known for our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service, we’re the go-to supplier of everything you need to provide exceptional dinner service in the United States and further afield

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We deliver nationwide to hotels, restaurants, events companies, and stores wanting to stock premium serveware. Contact our customer support team to find out what packages we can offer.

We do. All of our serveware is carefully crafted and will undergo rigorous quality checks before being delivered to you. However, if you have an issue with your order, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team.

In addition to our standard stainless steel platters, we also supply mirror finish trays with handles. If you’re unsure about which trays are right for your needs, our team will be happy to advise further!
Currently, we offer both mirror finish and silverplate serving trays made from high-quality 18/10 premium stainless steel.

You can! Our rectangular, round, and oval platters come in a variety of sizes. Trays with deep sides and handles are also available.

Wholesale serving trays and dinnerware in a league of their own. Premium quality serveware for a memorable dining experience.

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